조직도 조직도모바일
  • Yoo Juyi (Team Leader)
    • Directing SUP business team works
    • Planning and promote upcycling museum business


  • Choi Juwon
    • Planning and marketing support for upcycling industry and fostering upcycling culture
    • Expanding collaborative networks and hosting conferences
    • Planning and operating Upcycling Plaza Citizens’ Planning Group, Re&Upcycle businesses


  • Park Seil
    • Planning and operating content sector (education, materials, exhibition, events, promotion)
    • Planning and operating Seoul Upcycling Festival and flee market
    • Media promotion, writing news release, internal and external marketing


  • Choi Jeongku
    • Overseeing facilities management (managing facilities, cleaning, security companies)
    • Managing electric vehicles(3 Ionics)
    • Managing external companies for construction (water pump installation, field management, etc.)


  • Kim Jaeho
    • Managing facilities(2~5F), contracting external companies for maintenance
    • Managing elevators and solar power systems
    • Imposing management fees to businesses for establishment of the Janghanpyeong Station


  • Lee Jinkyung
    • Planning and operating Upcycling Plaza’s educational programs
    • Establishment and operation of Upcycling Education Advisory Board
    • Signing MOUs with relevant institutions on upcycling education


  • Oh Kyungha
    • Planning and operation management of Seoul upcycling house
    • Managing Creation room (1F)
    • Content planning for upcycling week and networks


  • Song Youk
    • Managing utilities bill and payment commissions
    • Overseeing facilities, storage and Upcycling Street management
    • Paying elevator, fire prevention, gardening and disinfection contract companies


  • Ju Kyeongun
    • Management and promotion of move-in studios
    • Operation and management of rental spaces
    • Management and co-operation of Upcycling studios on B1 floor, cafe, restaurants


  • Kim Jeein
    • Content planning for weekend programs
    • Planning and operation management of upcycling camp and farmer's market
    • Planning and operation for weekend education programs


  • Choi Byungwook
    • On and offline promotions, media promotion archiving
    • Managing operation and rents for facilities
    • Sum up SUP's quantitative outcome and managing


  • Kim Jaehak
    • Upcycling Plaza IT operations
    • Managing and operation of SUP computerize HW and homepage
    • Management of shuttle bus schedule
    • Managing operation of Seoul electric buses


  • Park Sohyun
    • Operation of Fab Café and its programs with external institutions
    • Managing operation of citizen's makerspace programs


  • Bang Suryeon
    • Budget, finance and tax management
    • Business operation expenses and government business expenses, purchases, spending, paying for taxes
    • Administrative assistance, business support, etc.


  • Lim Doyeon
    • Promotional content production and graphic design production
    • On and offline promotion, SNS management
    • Operational support for Upcycling Market


  • Park Soi
    • Managing and operating material bank
    • Managing material online services
    • Media and promotion for material network and marketing


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