Today, the most important mission is to create and maintain a lifecycle that is natural and healthy.
But it is extremely difficult for us and for the next generation to preserve such cycling environment.
As benefits of industrialism increases, our relationship with nature, resource, and ecosystem continues to suffer.
The Upcycling Plaza opened in 2017 in order to address this contradiction, recover order, and overcome the reality through upcycling.

“Upcycling” is an act of finding new value in objects that are discarded by adding designs and discovering new purpose. It is a new paradigm of recycling resource in order for environmental preservation that can protect the Earth that anyone can practice.
Seoul Upcycling Plaza treasures the environment and nature, thus suggests upcycling-based lifestyle designs, researches and designs collaboratively with citizens, and provides a place to practice and share such ideas.

Everything that we encounter in our daily lives - clothing, food, and housing - are topics of upcycling that go through a new process of research, design, production, and manufacturing. The Upcycling Plaza’s Upcycling Lifestyle Design Academy hopes to become a model for the future of social education through citizens’ attention and active participation.
Start meaningfully today for Earth’s tomorrow; achieve upcycling together at Seoul Upcycling Plaza.
Thank you.

CEO of Seoul Design Foundation, Choi Kyung Ran

CEO of Seoul Design Foundation,Choi KyungRan
Director of Seoul Upcycling Plaza,Yoon Dayyoung
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