Upcycling Studio


  • CEO : Lee Hye Soo
  • Area : Goods Production
  • Item : Accessories, interior accessories production
  • Materials : Waste acrylic
  • Contact : arcmindstudio@gmail.com

Location : Room 412


Upcycling Art Brand  arc_mind is an upcycling art brand that attributes art to objects that lost their cause. Our main material is non-toxic acrylics, which can be upcycled from leftover acrylic of many colorful signs in Korea. All products from accessories to tableware at arc_mind are handmade pieces of current artists and designers of the company. When the various shapes and colors of acrylic goes through our artist’s hands, they are re-created into a one-of-a-kind, artist-made product. We are arc_mind, who give meaning to waste and add art to daily lives.

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