Upcycling Studio

Keuk x keuk

  • CEO : Kim Jae Eui, Kim Young Ah (Co-Presidents)
  • Area : Pet Accessories, Design Products
  • Item : Pet clothing, pet accessories, eco-bags, keyrings, etc.
  • Materials : recycled clothing, eco bags, various straps, etc.
  • Contact : keukcompany@gmail.com

Location : Room 314

Keuk x keuk

keuk x keuk is a brand that strives to provide colorful and carefree products for both pets and their owners. We continue to consider ways to provide better materials, as well as supporting adoption of abandoned dogs, producing upcycling products that promote the “Don’t Buy, Adopt” campaign. Based on communication design (typography), keuk x keuk approaches various social issues, discussing their values and communicating with the public together.

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