Upcycling Studio

Danha Seoul

  • CEO : Kim Nam Kyung
  • Area : k-fashion/ Design
  • Item : Korean traditional clothes, bags, traditional accessories, etc.
  • Materials : Fabrics such as used hanbok, dresses, curtains
  • Contact : danhaseoul@gmail.com

Location : Room 416

Danha Seoul

Upcycle Korean traditional clothing brand, Danha Seoul Taking discarded clothes, second-hand traditional clothes, as well as leftover fabrics, Danha re-creates them into beautiful and aesthetic handmade traditional clothes. The profit made from consumption of our products goes towards upcycling and education regarding Korean traditions, establishing a sustainable society through clothes. We are Danha, the kind traditional clothing maker that harmoniously ties traditions, environment, and people together, dreaming for a positive consumption cycle. We put time and stories into our clothes.

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