Upcycling Studio

MAP Education Workshop

  • CEO : Son Eun Jung
  • Area : Woodwork/ Green Art
  • Item : My Story doorplates, cellphone stands, artistic containers, toolboxes, stools, bookshelves, etc
  • Materials : Wood, plastic
  • Contact : mapgong@naver.com

Location : Room 414

MAP Education Workshop

We are a non-profit corporation comprised of experts in humanities and art, developing handmade art educational programs for public school curriculum that lacks hands-on education. Through the program, we strive to educate children to find their hidden strengths and talents in using their hands rather than their mind, as schools continually teach them to forget the importance of working with hands. This process will hopefully give children fulfilling experience of thinking with their minds but feeling with their hearts. Through green art and used second-hand palette making products, pottery, dressmaking and other handmade art education, we hope that our children will be more creative and free in thinking and that this will spread out to the larger society. With the slogan, “We build thoughts with our hands”, we strive to foster imagination and teach the value of upcycling, as well as to broaden their knowledge.

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