Upcycling Studio

With Drone Coop

  • CEO : Lee Eui Sook
  • Area : Manufacturing/ Education/ Distribution/ Repair & Maintenance
  • Item : Drone education and textbooks, drone accessories & consumables
  • Materials : Drones, drone parts, electronics
  • Contact : +82-10-7314-6399 / +82-10-2788-0952

Location : Room 413

With Drone Coop

"Drone Upcycling" We strive to be the wings of the fourth industrial revolution with drones that fly to their dreams. – Upcycling programs using drones – Drone educational programs and drone textbook production – Artworks using discarded drones – Drone repair and maintenance Jun 12.2018 Awarded at the 5th Female Enterprise Idea Competitive Exhibition Jun 29.2018 Elected Businesswoman for Seoul’s Female Start-Up Business

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