Upcycling Studio


  • CEO : Jeong Ji Eun
  • Area : Production/ Design/ Exhibition
  • Item : ACC, living accessories, lights, objects
  • Materials : Bicycle Consumables

Location : Room 407


The company re-births objects like discarded exhibitions and waste, as well as designing upcycled bicycle parts. Sometimes through lights, speakers, or accessories… the company re-creates discarded objects so that they can stay around us for a longer period. Feb 2016 - Present: Director of Korea Upcycle Design Association Nov 29.2016 – Jan 8.2017: Christmas tree design and production for COEX Winter Christmas Tree Festival, as requested by Korea Resource Circulation Service Agency Aug – Dec 31.2016: Small Enterprise and Market Service Furniture Upcycle Project at the Hyundai Department Store in Seonamshin Market, Daegu Oct 27 - 29.2016: Organizer of the First Seocho Exhibition_ Replay Exhibition on 1F of Seocho Plaza in Seocho-gu Office Sep 23 – 25.2016: Organizer of Gyeonggi Up Festival Exhibition  Jun 2 – 5.2016: Invited artist at A-AT Fair, DDP Art Hall May 2016 - Present: Permanent exhibition of “Cheonho Village in Fairytales”, an upcycled artwork, at the Hyundai Department Store, Cheonho Branch Dec 11 – 31.2015: Winter Festival_ Upcycle Tree Village at COEX  Oct 2 – 4.2015: Organized & exhibited 2nd B, Hyundai Department Store, Mokdong Branch Jun 8 – 11.2015: Strange Exhibition at the National Assembly 2015.05.25 to 06.14: Plastic Wonderland Exhibition at Seoul Museum of Art May 5 – 11.2015: Re;born Exhibition at Seoul Museum of Art Kyunghee Palace Branch Aug 19 – 29.2014: Seoul’s Promise_Observing the Life of Upcycling Exhibition at the Citizen’s Gallery in Seoul City Hall Jul 10 – Aug 17.2014: UPCYCLING ART & DESIGN Meeting for the Second Time Exhibition, Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art Apr 3 – 29.2014: ART& UPCYCLE Exhibition, Lotte Gallery

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