Upcycling Studio


  • CEO : Lee Yoon Ho
  • Area : Manufacturing/ Fabric Manufacturing
  • Item : Wallets, bags, pencil cases, pouches, accessories
  • Materials : Special Textile (Waste umbrellas, Waste Banners, etc.)
  • Contact : +82-70-8712-0324 / cueclyp@gmail.com

Location : Room 405


We find new values in our everyday products that would have been incinerated otherwise. We transform unusable umbrellas into useful products through upcycling. You will have fun in finding products made just for you, which are made from discarded umbrellas and re-created again with unique and vintage fabric. No product is ever the same. We deliver small value in people’s daily lives through selling upcycling products that have social value engraved onto them.

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