Upcycling Studio


  • CEO : An Ji Hye
  • Area : Fashion Accessories Production/ Design
  • Item : Bag, wallet, keyring, DIY Kit
  • Materials : Broken leather, branded incineration fabric
  • Contact : +82-2-430-5297 / ahnjihae@empal.com /

Location : Room 406


BRAND STORY OWN U is a brand that designs children’s pure and innocent hearts. Ownu is a child that loves lions and the color red. Ownu has a drawing book and a mother who is a bag designer. Ownu is deeply engaged in mother’s work. Mother is inspired by Ownu’s drawings and creates unique designs with them. Not only is it interesting how unique the collaborations with children designers are, but also a warm feeling that submerges you into children’s stories. OWN U’s upcycling line uses leftover high-quality leather from high-end brands and fabric from their products that are donated after the season. They re-design these materials and create unique new products. Because products are made of upcycled materials, there may be small scratches and discoloration, a factor that makes the products even more unique. OWN U believes the Earth is as pure and innocent as children, which is why we actively participate in environmental campaigns.

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