Upcycling Studio


  • CEO : Cho Hyo Eun
  • Area : Bookbinding/ Research/ Education
  • Item : Books
  • Materials : Second-hand book, tributary, leather, fabric
  • Contact : rectoversobook@gmail.com

Location : Room 311


“Book, turning old into new.” RECTOVERSO: the Latin term for front and back covers of a book, is the name of Korea’s first reliure d’art studio established in 1999 by Baek Soon Deok, a graduate of Union Centrale des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. At RECTOVERSO, research and practical work is conducted regarding the structure, form, and other various factors that compose a book, from ancient ages to present day. The space is not only to create physical books, but a space to develop a deep sense of respect for all the handwork and heart that goes into producing a book. The RECTOVERSO Public Studio in SUP analyzes the wide range of handwork and materials that compose books, such as 1. ways to attribute more value to books, 2. ways to make books with upcycled materials and 3. ways to create artwork and products by upcycling books. It is a space to find new value of books. Anything can be made into a book and anything can be made with a book. We give new value to books that cannot simply be discarded, thus books are no longer seen as waste. For more information, please refer to our website.

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