Upcycling Studio

Yeomi Gallery “Kkiri Kkiri”

  • CEO : Cho Sun Hee
  • Area : Production/ Retail Sales/ Restaurant/ Dolls & Toy Production/ Accessories
  • Item : Handmade dolls, household items, etc.
  • Materials : Socks, buttons, ribbons, textiles (fabrics)
  • Contact : +82-10-5267-7344

Location : Room 320

Yeomi Gallery “Kkiri Kkiri”

”Yeomi Gallery is a cultural space located in the cultural center and ecotown of Yeomi-ri, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do that shares values in life amongst regional community by combining culture and art together. It was first established in 2012. Yeomi Gallery’s new brand, Kkiri Kkiri’s brand philosophy is to create a joyful world through living together as one. We believe one important part in which everyone should participate to make this world a beautiful place is upcycling. Before moving to Yeomi-ri, I worked in a production and development industry, where I eventually realized nature and the environment is precious beyond simple designs. For this, I have led a value-oriented life combining culture and art together for the regional community, instead of focusing on production and industrial works. My passion eventually led me to upcycling, which I grew an interest in. I chose to pursue sock craft based on the idea of upcycling because everyone has socks, they are discarded easily, accessible, flexible, and fashionable. The handmade sock doll is something that everyone loves.”

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